Tips on Entering

The All Ireland Credit Union Awards 2024

When preparing your entry, please adhere to the following guidelines:

All activities referenced in your entries must have occurred within the specified timeframe outlined in each award category’s description and criteria.

Ensure that your submission does not exceed 4 A4 pages in portrait PDF format, inclusive of supporting materials such as images, graphs, testimonials, etc.

Address each of the key criteria points assigned to the category you are entering. These criteria serve as the basis for the judges’ evaluation. Supplement your key points with additional information such as tables, graphics, figures, and images.

You are welcome to enter multiple categories if they are relevant to your work. However, each entry must be tailored to meet the specific criteria of each category.

tip 1

Carefully review..

Carefully review the criteria and ensure that you address each point. Judges rely on these criteria as the foundation for their scoring, so covering all aspects increases your chances of scoring highly and facilitates the judges’ assessment process. You can supplement these points with additional facts, figures, and information to strengthen your submission.

tip 2

Select appropriate categories..

Select the most appropriate categories for your entry. Some people overlook categories where they have a stronger chance of winning. Take the time to thoroughly examine the categories and choose those that best align with your work, increasing your likelihood of success.

tip 3

Avoid vague statements or generalisations..

Facts carry significant weight; avoid vague statements or generalisations. Present your data in a compelling manner, emphasising the strongest aspects of your event or organisation. While maintaining truthfulness, aim to make the most persuasive case possible within the rules.

tip 4

Follow the application criteria..

Adhere to the page limit specified (4 A4 Pages) and avoid exceeding it. Judges may not read extensive supporting materials. Similarly, avoid overly minimal entries that rely solely on your profile to stand out.

tip 5

Highlight your nominees unique strengths and characteristics..

Consider the judges’ perspective and highlight what sets your nomination apart. Identify your nominees unique strengths and characteristics that would impress them. Entries often benefit from input from senior team members who can identify key selling points.

tip 6

Check & Review..

Thoroughly review your submission for errors, particularly spelling and grammatical mistakes.

tip 7

Guidance & help is available..

Seek feedback from the awards team before submitting your entry. They can provide guidance and suggestions, especially if you’re considering a different approach.

tip 8

Presentation matters..

While entries are not judged based on appearance alone, well-organised and visually appealing submissions are easier for busy judges to review. Incorporating summary bullet points, photographs, charts, and graphs can enhance readability and comprehension.

tip 9

Be confident..

Showcase your achievements confidently. Begin with a strong opening that captures attention and highlights your accomplishments. Avoid unnecessary details and ensure every word serves a purpose. Testimonials can reinforce your claims effectively.

tip 10

Promote your business..

Seize the opportunity to promote your business. Winning prestigious awards can provide significant publicity and marketing advantages. Recognise and celebrate your team’s efforts, as winning an award can elevate your organsation’s profile within the sector.