Judging Panel

Colm Byrne

Colm Byrne

CEO | Glas Energy

CEO and owner At Glas Energy, a renewable energy company formed in 2002 to offer alternatives to mainstream fossil fuel energy technologies.

Founder and Director at DaysE Ltd a social enterprise established in 2015 to deliver social impact through energy.

Colm has over 20 years of industry experience delivering projects that reduce the carbon emissions associated with our energy demand. Colm has worked on projects in all sectors from domestic to farming and from government departments to large scale C&I projects. With a passion for the democratisation of energy Colm has worked on a broad range of community projects and has managed award-winning projects that deliver social, environmental and financial benefits to communities in Ireland.

A recent recipient of an industry thought leader award Colm believes in life-long learning contributing, through innovation, to the continuous evolution of the sector.